About Us

Neetu Malik
At M Square I make "Clothes for Life"...
My styles are easy but interesting, the details novel, and the fabrics, ones that you can live in!
Your life is multidimensional, and your wardrobe is an important part of expressing who you are to the world.
M Square- ‘Clothes for life’ has traveled with ups and down for a decade now. Thank you for supporting the brand.
M Square is created by a woman, for a woman, and is a company run by women. It is all about empowering women, whether they are wearing M Square and feeling comfortable in their skin or they are making it happen. Coming from a traditional but liberal family I was taught by my amazing parents to be different, share and give back. M Square is all about that.
M Square was created to fill a gap for a woman who does not have Hollywood body but would like to wear updated and sophisticated clothing and rock in it.
Fashion is a word, it is restrictive and limited, M Square is beyond that. Fashion is what you buy, and style is what you create. Highlighting special fabrics and textures and making them into architectural shapes has given me the ability to take the word fashion to the next level of comfort.